Mercy Expands Interventional Radiology Services

Latest High-Tech Scanner Significantly Broadens Capabilities

pr20120725InterventionalRadiology(July 25, 2012 - RockvilleCentre, NY) - With the recent installation of one of the latest digital X-ray imaging systems, Mercy Medical Center has expanded its Interventional Radiology Services to encompass a significantly broader range of minimally-invasive procedures.

The Philips scanner in Mercy's new interventional radiology suite enables physicians to capture and view exquisitely detailed images of vascular, musculo-skeletal and soft-tissue structures, facilitating faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of blockages, growths and malformations.

"Both our patients and clinicians will benefit from the speed and outstanding image accuracy of this new cutting-edge system," explained Dr. Aaron Glatt, Mercy Medical Center's Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. "With this latest technology our physicians can complete a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures more quickly, exposing patients to the lowest possible amount of X-ray radiation, while still obtaining images of unparalleled clarity."

The new system will be used to address a broad spectrum of medical needs, ranging from percutaneous biopsies for oncology patients, to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions through angiography and angioplasty, to the non-surgical treatment of gynecological problems such as uterine fibroids, as well as carotid artery assessments and cerebral aneurysm repair, and minimally-invasive repair of spinal compression fractures resulting from osteoporosis. (Click Here For Details.)

This latest interventional X-ray technology enables Mercy's physicians to diagnose and treat patients using the least-invasive techniques currently available, minimizing risk while improving outcomes.





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