Mother Baby Services

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Classes For First-Time Parents

These classes are for parents expecting their first child or those who have never attended childbirth classes before. Mercy's registered nurses, certified in childbirth education by the Council of Childbirth Education Specialists, teach the 6 weekly sessions. Each week a different topic is presented:

  • Week One: Orientation, Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Relaxation, Guided Imagery
  • Week Two: What to expect on hospital arrival; IV's, Epidurals, False & True Labor
  • Week Three: Hospital Tour and films on Labor & Delivery
  • Week Four: Baby Care, including Breast & Bottle Feeding, Bathing, Care of the Umbilical Cord
  • Week Five: Post-partum issues such as Depression, Episiotomies, etc.
  • Week Six: Cesarean Section Information

The fee is $125 (waived for Women & Children Center patients)

To register, call (516) 62-MERCY.

Refresher Classes

A refresher childbirth course is offered to prospective parents who have previously experienced childbirth, and have taken childbirth classes in the past. Classes are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m.

The fee is $40. To register, please call (516) 62-MERCY.

Infant and Child CPR Classes

For anyone who will be taking care of your child. Classes are held the 4th Thursday of each month.

The fee is $30 per family. To register, please call (516) 62-MERCY



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