Employee Gold Star Service Award Program

One of Mercy Medical Center's greatest assets is the quality and dedication of our employees. With that in mind, Mercy established a Gold Star Service Award Program to recognize and acknowledge employees who have made outstanding contributions to the Medical Center; to reward outstanding service and give the employees a feeling of appreciation; to reward employees for contributing to the efficiency and professionalism of the workplace.

The employees chosen for the Gold Star Service Award exemplify the Mission of Mercy Medical Center and perform their functions above and beyond the scope of their jobs. Gold Star recipients are selected three times each year and any employee can nominate a fellow employee for the Gold Star Service Award. Nominations are reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of employees from various departments throughout the Medical Center.

The qualities used as a guide to support the nominations are:

  • A respect for the dignity and individualism of all people.
  • A commitment to service with compassion, dedication and integrity.
  • Serving as a role model for others.
  • Promotes a pleasant working experience.
  • Strives for continued excellence in all areas.

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